• Claire Tranter

Finding my mojo..

I love a good coffee, not the really strong 'blow your head off' type of coffee, the ones with the sweet flavours...vanilla, caramel, gingerbread and my latest discovery, marshmallow.

I am enjoying my work again and it got me thinking, what has happened to change that? How have I got my mojo back this week? What's different?

Aside from the great coffee and banana loaf from my amazing local coffee shop (which have kept me sane over the past few months), I have been reminded that my mojo is all about having great conversations and that's what I have been lucky enough to do recently with some new clients and good friends. Great conversations about life, work and leadership and I have loved it!

So, what does this tell me? That I will plan in more of these great conversations and enjoy them with a good coffee and make them even better with a walk with a friend in the beautiful hills. I'd love to hear how you keep your mojo going and if you fancy a great conversation about your leadership challenges, you know where I am.

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