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Resilience and Wellbeing

Although Manchester is not my birthplace, it's where my heart is. I love the city, it's been my home from when I was student at Manchester Met in the early 90's. Now I live outside the city and yet I still look forward to our family adventures going in on the train.

When I lived in the centre a few years ago and went running along the canal, I was always inspired by what I saw around me. I remember stopping to admire Manchester's coat of arms which was part of a bridge crossing the River Irwell and noticing bees and wondering why they were there? Now I know that the worker bee symbolises the city's resilience and work ethic during the Industrial Revolution when its mills and factories were compared to hives.

Resilience is an important skill in life and looking after your wellbeing so you can look after other people is something that I strongly believe in. We all have our own coping strategies that we have developed. Here are mine that I would like to share in case they help you too:

  1. Making time for yourself - whether that means going out for a walk, exercising or just sitting and relaxing and taking in the moment and thinking about what you are grateful for. Giving yourself a break from the busyness of life and doing something that makes you feel good, has a really positive impact on you and others around you.

  2. Having a positive mindset - focus on what you can control and influence, and put your energy and effort into the activities you enjoy and people that make you happy. Surround yourself with good thoughts and feelings to boost your wellbeing.

  3. Set yourself goals - what are you going to commit to doing? what challenge are you going to set for yourself? Having small goals to work towards and celebrate along the way, will help you see how far you have progressed and build your confidence.

So, there you go, my three tips to building your resilience. How do you build your resilience? And, just for good measure, here is some more amazing bee art to inspire you.

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