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Achieving Your Goals

Updated: Oct 10, 2020

I achieved a personal best today on my bike, getting to the top of Chew Reservoir in the Peak District without stopping. It has been one of my cycling goals for nearly a year and this morning, I decided today was the day. Why today? I really fancied the challenge. I've been mountain biking quite a bit over the past few months and living in a valley means there are hills in all four directions so I'm used to that, but I really wanted to go somewhere different, somewhere that I knew would be a tough climb but the views would be worth it.

We all have goals in life, what makes the difference between successfully achieving them or not? As I was making my slow ascent it got me thinking, if I could share three tips to help you towards achieving your goals, what would they be...

  1. Set small goals - just heading out up the hill and seeing how far you get might seem like a good idea in the moment, but in reality, some thought and planning is needed to be successful in the long term. I had smaller goals that helped keep me focussed over the last few months as I worked towards my end goal.

  2. Make time for yourself - be ready to achieve your goal, make time to prepare and have all the resources you need to support you. Physically and mentally I knew it would be a challenge, but I also needed to make the time to train and feel ready.

  3. Have a positive mindset - I knew I could do it and I was going to do it. Positive self-talk to keep going and just get round the next corner, really makes a difference!

So, there you go, my three tips to achieving your goals. What would you add to the list? And yes, the view was amazing!

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